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[Upcoming] Beyond ‘Senior Engineer’

Talk at Women of Silicon Roundabout on 7th December 2020

Often, progression in an engineering role means moving into line managing people. However, this is not for everyone nor is it the only available option. In this talk we’ll look at several choices for progression, and explore what the day to day of each of those looks like.

We’ll also discuss the hurdles and challenges that you may face in undertaking this personal growth, such as dealing with imposter syndrome or measuring your impact now that you’re not writing so much code.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understand what career options there are available beyond Senior Engineer
  • Learn what kind of responsibilities and expectations are required of those options
  • Hear some practical tips for self development and lessons learned from this journey

Building Impactful Teams

Talk given at:

Effective teamwork is crucial to getting things done, and making these teams as impactful as possible amplifies what you can achieve.

There are many aspects to successful teams - from hiring good people, facilitating communication and fostering a healthy culture. In this talk we’ll explore the logistics of building and growing great teams, based on experience from working in a fast paced startup and seeing it grow over 18 months from 50 to 320 people.

  1. Best practices for growing your team
  2. Highlight challenges you may face along the way
  3. Practical tips for building great teams


Using Kotlin in Production

Given at GDG Devfest London - December 2017

Kotlin has fast become the new hotness in the Android world - but what is the reality of adding it to an app which is rapidly being built for a fast growing startup? In this talk we’ll cover how we went about adding Kotlin to the Monzo app, why we made those choices and how it went.


Problems with Scaling a Mobile Business

Lightning talk given at LondonMobile meetup - September 2017


In-house code tests

Talk & panel discussion at The Exchange - August 2017


Girl Geek Panel: How to build the best teams in fast moving tech companies

Joined the panel discussion at Girl Geek meetup - July 2017

Monzo’s Android app

Talk given with Ivan Carballo at Londroid - November 2016

Just over 18 months ago we set out to build the ‘best bank on the planet’ from scratch. Today with 45,000 users and counting, our goals remain the same; to make managing your money as simple as ordering a pizza or a taxi.

Join us for an introduction to the newly released Android beta, an insight into the challenges faced and a glance at the possibilities for the future, from the engineering team who made it happen.

Slides & Recording

Android Dialogs

Discussing ‘Working with Legacy Code’ With Huyen Tue Dao - October 2016