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Android modularisation survey 2019 - the results!

| 9 minute read | android modularisation
A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted a survey to find out more about how Android developers were modularising their apps. It’s a broad and complicated topic, with no clear standard approach or conventions to follow, so I was interested to learn more. Do you work on an android app that's split up into modules? If so, it would great if you could spend a few mins filling out this survey, gathering data on your approach - I'll publish the results so everyone in Android community can benefit!

Tracking Android app metrics

| 2 minute read | android apk size
When I joined Monzo I was keen to keep a track of metrics that would help us keep a handle on the app’s size and method count. I set up a shell script on our CI to upload the numbers to StatHat each time we merged a change to our develop branch. This was great in theory, but not visible enough to be actually useful - in fact, one of the stats stopped uploading properly some months ago and we didn’t even notice.

Dynamically changing SVG colours on Android

| 2 minute read | android
Recently, I needed to change the colour of part of a drawable - and I wanted to do it better than manually swapping out the whole image, or swapping in and out the changing part and overlaying this on top of a base image. I knew I wanted the assets to be vector based if at all possible - SVG support was added in Lollipop with the VectorDrawable class and have been a great addition.

Death to Ugly Android Screenshots

| 7 minute read | android open source
Clean Status Bar is an app I created in September 2014 to try and make taking nice screenshots for the Google Play Store easy and fast. Ugly screenshots are a distraction from the app you’re trying to show off, and have become somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. When I’m looking at an app on the Play Store and wondering whether it’s worth downloading or not, the first thing I look at is the screenshots.